Book Challenge: Favorite Villain

I am DYING to read The Midnight Star by Marie Lu @marieluthewriter! It’s one of my most anticipated reads this year and it’s all because of Adelina Amouteru. The blood fever that hits her homeland Kenettra left many dead, but the children who survived were marked strangely by the illness. Adelina is a survior—her hair turned silver, her lashes pale, and a there’s a jagged scar where her left eye once was. She and others marked by the blood fever are also suspected to be malfettos—abominations believed to have mysterious and powerful gifts. Because of her markings and her father’s cruel treatment because she is a malfetto, these are the foundations of who she becomes: someone who wants fair treatment for malfettos. Sounds like a pretty noble motive, right? Adelina is anything but noble. She wants justice, but the dark part of her wants revenge and retribution for the ill treatment she has received. There is also betrayal and eventually Adelina is on the brink of getting everything she has set out to get until she makes a discovery about her powers that forces her to make a choice that she refuses to make. .

For #mugglelibrarycandlesnov, Favorite villain: ADELINA AMOUTERU!!


For #nanopromptchallenge, A misunderstood villain: Adelina isn’t your typical villain. Marie Lu has done a fantastic job of showing how her character grows and becomes who she is. Adelina is ruthless and has done some despicable things, but I find myself rooting for her because she does the things we can only wish we could do when we are wronged. She is not completely heartless. She does feel remorse for the things she has done, but she also owns up to her choices. Someone who has lived surviving and trying to avoid getting hurt, it’s no wonder Adelina goes to great lengths to be the victor.


Anyone else read The Midnight Star yet? No spoilers please, but I’m fully prepared for my feelings to be ripped to shreds. If you haven’t started this trilogy yet, now is the perfect time to get into it! 


#theyoungelites #therosesociety #themidnightstar #marielu #adelinaamouteru #yafantasy


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