Book Challenge: November TBR

I can’t believe it’s November! Friends, what is happening?! There are only two months left for me to get through my 2016 TBR and I’ve barely made a dent! I have so many books I want to read and I’m running out of time! 😩.

For #lilbookishnovember Most Anticipated Read: I’d say Heartless is one of the most anticipated reads for me this year! I was able to get an ARC at Y’all West earlier this year. I can not wait until you all get to read this so we can discuss! I’m about a quarter of the way through and OMG it’s causing so much pain to the feels already. I loved the Lunar Chronicles, but it’s looking like Heartless might even be better! 


For #nanopromptchallenge A reluctant hero: I’m not quite done with Crooked Kingdom, but it’s feeling like Kaz Brekker might fit into this category. I could be wrong, but his motivation for revenge and retribution is quite the moving force and is pushing the story toward an incredible climax. Perhaps hero may not be the most accurate way to describe Dirty Hands—definitely flawed and dark, but the fascinating aspect of Kaz’s character is his unrelenting determination to achieve his goals even though his success would mean the destruction of another character. I’m definitely rooting for him to succeed!


Here’s the rest of my November TBR. I’m finishing up buddy reads with Sandie @gameofpotterbooks for The Novice and Crooked Kingdom with Vicky @zoetzure. For November I will be buddy reading Orange with Natasha @shotmeinthebook and The Reader with Syd @deertales. I’m also working my way through the manga Ouran High Host Club. If you’re familiar with the anime, it surprisingly followed the manga closely. 


Featured also is my #writersbulletjournal with my #currentreads layout for November in my Leuchtthrum 1917 @leuchtthurm1917. Reading at the Cafe candle was from a previous Owlcrate @owlcrate by Frostbeard Studio @frostbeardmpls. It actually smells like a bakery! ❤️



#grimdragon #watermelanerdsnovember #mugglelibrarycandlesnov #inkinthebooknovember November TBR

#novemberbdaychallenge How about a cuppa? #bookandtea


#bookandcandle #frostbeardcandles #owlcrate #leuchtthrum1917 #crookedkingdom #thereader #summonerbooks #orangemanga #ouranhighhostclub #heartless


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