Book Challenge: Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope you all have a fantastic evening full of treats and no naughty tricks! (But if you’re hoping for naughty tricks, then be safe! 😉).

We’re taking the kids trick-or-treating. Oldest boy will be a grim reaper, second oldest boy will be Jango Fet, third boy will be a butterfly, and youngest girl will be the Little Mermaid. Have a great night!
For #boookstagramchallenge16 Halloween Party! Who would you invite? Oooh. I would love to invite The Weasley family!! I think they’d make the party so much more fun and interesting. 😆
For #livelaughbooksoctober Favorite Mythical Creature, I have to admit, since I’m rereading Percy Jackson series with my kids, I’m partial to the Pegasus and the capaill uisce, the sea horses, from The Scorpio Races. 
#octoberfantasychallenge Happy Halloween! Which character would you like to dress up as? Hmm. I’d like to dress up as Vin from Mistborn or Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but most likely, I’ll be dressing as either a Hogwarts student or a Camp Half Blood camper. 😁

#grimdragon This is Halloween!

#watermelanerdsoctober Happy Halloween!

#lilbookishoctober Halloween!

#nerdybookchallenge Black

#bookoshotsoctober Halloween Decor Galore! 


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