Book Challenge: October Book Haul

I always hesitate before doing a book haul post. One reason is that I’m a little afraid of how many books I’ve gotten for the month. (I’m still waiting for my Book Outlet haul too!) 🙈 Another reason is I always forget to include one book and this time instead of forgetting one book, I put the wrong one. 😅 Instead of the illustrated Philsopher’s Stone, imagine it’s the Chamber of Secrets! 😁 All I can say is I blame Costco and used book sales!  .

My high fantasy and graphic novel/manga collections are growing. So happy to finally find Elantris by Brandon Sanderson and The Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. I’m going to be buddy reading Orange with Natasha @shotmeinthebook for November. SO excited! And of course, October was a month of so many crazy releases for YA reads! 


So many good reads! I just wish there was more time to read all the books!


For #bookoshotsoctober I’d be afraid of timed TBRs. Like there’s a time limit before all the books disappear before I could read them all. Well, I’m old so I guess there is! 😆



#grimdragon “Get thyself to to a book store!” #livelaughbooksoctober and #boookstagramchallenge16 October book haul 


#bookhaul #yafantasy #costcobooks #fantasy #usedbooks #newreleasebooks #bookandcandle  


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