Happy First Birthday @riddlesteashoppe!

I discovered Aunjuli’s @riddlesteashoppe almost a year ago. If I had to describe her skills as a tea mistress, I would say she curates the spirit and magic of Harry Potter in a tea cup. My first set of teas from Aunjuli was last year’s winter collection of Christmas at the Burrow. It really is as good as it sounds! .

This weekend @riddlesteashoppe is celebrating its first birthday! Please make sure to visit @riddlesteashoppe or check out the tag #rtsbirthday2016 for a very special giveaway Aunjuli is hosting for her shop’s one year birthday. Also, this weekend only, there is a presale for the Magical October Tea set! With flavors such as Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch, Honeyduke’s Candy Apple Tea, Death Day Par-tea, and Skelegro Spirits, you don’t want to miss it! Check out @riddlesteashoppe for more details. Presale and giveaway ends Monday!


Pictured here is the Ravenclaw inspired tea Wisdom House Blend which is a regular offer at her tea shop. It’s an Earl Grey tea with notes of blueberry and coconut. It’s so good! Truly worthy of Ravenclaw House!


Also featured are my Jane Austen inspired wand and stickers from @wandwitchandwizard. My friend and owner Maeva is having a sale this weekend! Make sure not to miss it! 


Planner inspired Ravenclaw bookmark made by me! 🙊 In case you missed it, long story short, I was first sorted into Gryffindor YEARS AGO and then a couple months ago I took the official Pottermore quiz and was sorted Ravenclaw! I’m still a Gryffindor at heart, but I’m also embracing my Ravenclaw self too!


#booksandtea #riddlesteashoppe #wandwitchandwizard #harrypotter #potterhead #ravenclaw #housepride #gryffinclaw 


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