Book Challenge: Book with spells 

I’ve had The Novice by Taran Matharu @author_taranmatharu on my TBR for a while and when Sandie @gameofpotterbooks got a copy, I was excited to buddy read it with her. Have you guys done a buddy read before? I enjoy them very much! I’m also grateful to my previous buddy readers for putting up with my frequent messaging/texting while reading. 😆.

I’m enjoying The Novice so much! It’s a YA fantasy about an orphan boy Fletcher who is gifted a summoning book. Only nobles and Summoners are supposed to be able to summon and cast spells, but of course, not only can Fletcher cast a spell, but he’s summoned a demon. Then because of pressing circumstances, he runs away to Corcillum, an academy for adepts to train as a battle mage. We’re still #currentlyreading this, but I’m really enjoying Fletcher’s time at the academy. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


For #grimdragon, take your #currentread outside.

For #boookstagramchallenge16, a book with spells.


I had planned to take pictures today, but the weather here in Southern California has been overcast all week and the forecast calls for possible rain tomorrow. I’m thrilled that we’re finally getting fall weather, but my bookstagram time has really taken a hit. On the positive side, it means more time to read! 😁 


#thenovice #taranmatharu #yafantasy #bookandnature #summonerbooks 


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