Book Challenge: Favorite Book Friendships

For #grimdragon, favorite book friendships, Jem Carstairs and Will Herondale. I’m #currentlyreading City of Heavenly Fire and I’m eager for the TMI characters to realize their connection to the TID characters especially the Carstairs and Herondales! I’m dying for Jace to find out..

For #bookoshotsoctober, Assign a lifelong mate to your worst enemy…hmm, Sebastian Morgenstern!


For #livelaughbooksoctober, If I could switch places with…I’m not sure who I’d want to switch places with. I think it would be really neat to be in the TMI universe. I’d definitely want to be a shadow hunter, but which one? Maybe Isabel? I think I’d be pretty good with a whip, but I think I’m more like Clary in terms of ability—creating new runes? Like being a writer? I just don’t know if I could handle Jace’s dramatics. 😳😩




As mentioned before, I’m reading City of Heavenly Fire and I got to the part where Gia asked Brother Zachariah if he wanted to go see Theresa Gray at the at the Spiral Labyrinth and he’s like no “Better she thinks there never was a chance for us” and I’m like 😭😭😭Jemmmm. Then later Emma comes to tell Clary and all that she overheard the counsel leaders talking about them and that Edom is a place. Then she tells Jace “The Carstairs owe the Herondales.” 😭😭😭 OMG. Where is Magnus when you need him? Oh right. That git Sebastian has him. I don’t know if my feels can handle anymore of them not knowing! 😩


#themortalinstruments #cassandraclare #cityofheavenlyfire #yafantasy #shadowhunters #tmi 


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