Book Challenge: Favorite Witch

For #boookstagramchallenge16, Favorite witches, Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle! I love both the movie and book version of this character. Sophie isn’t a witch in the classic sense which I love. She learns that she doesn’t need anyone to rescue her and saves herself!.

Also for #lilbookishoctober, purple and orange books. I’m slowly building up my orange book collection! (It’s my unicorn of book colors.)


So, this is late. 😅😆 Last week was a busy week for my older kids. My oldest ran for 4th grade vice president. He gave it a solid effort, but it wasn’t meant to be. We’re very proud of him for his effort and getting up and saying a speech in front of half of the school. My 2nd grader had a project due Monday and it took no small effort to get him to type the written parts over the weekend and make sure he turned it in! We’re not quite clear and free of school projects this month (my 4th grader has a presentation to give this week—he has to tell three jokes or riddles). And then it’ll be November! I can’t believe how fast October went! 


Are you all ready for Halloween? My four and two year old keep asking if it’s Halloween yet. 😂 They’re so excited! 


#diannawynnejones #howlsmovingcastle #middlegradebooks #middlegradereads #orangeandpurplebooks


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