Book Challenge: Fandom Love-Percy Jackson

You know what’s sad? There isn’t that much Percy Jackson merchandise. Where are the mugs? The candles? The bookmarks? The prints? The shirts? The buttons? Because honestly, Percy Jackson is pretty awesome. I think we need a mug that says “We have a dam problem here.” I think a candle with the theme Riptide would be awesome. Also, if I could get Lotus Casino coasters, I’d be set. I think we also need a Cabin 11 button too. Am I right? I’ve been listening to The Lightening Thief with my boys on the way to school and home. They are in 4th and 2nd grade and I was a little concerned that they might be scared (my 2nd grader cried at the part with Percy’s mother and the Cyclops). But overall they are enjoying to SO much. My 4th grader wants me to check out Sea of Monsters to have it lined up for when we’re done with The Lightening Thief. I’m so glad they’re old enough to read/listen to this series. It’s a reread for me, but I’m enjoying the experiencing with them too..

So, here’s the next best thing I could come up with to show my love for Percy Jackson and the sea. This was my journal entry for our family’s trip to the aquarium for my birthday last weekend. I actually had a lot of fun creating this entry because I got to play with the Artist Loft’s Pearlescent palate and Crayola water color pencils. The water color pencils are a perfect way to get definition while watercoloring. I’m not an expert on watercoloring, but I wanted to recreate the standing seaweed from the tanks, so I drew them in first with the watercolor pencils and then used my aqua brush to go over them to give them the painted look. Then I applied the pearlescent water color paint for the water. You can’t tell in this picture, but the color dries with a soft, shiny finish. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy with how this came out! The pencils were from Target, the Artist’s loft palate is from Michael’s, clippings of the leafy sea dragon and moon jelly are from the Long Beach Aquarium Visitor’s Guide. It was such a fun day to capture in my journal.


What are you plans for this weekend?


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#livelaughbooksoctober Fandom Love: Percy Jackson!


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