Book Challenge: Bookish Maps


I actually finished it earlier this week, but I just couldn’t even. What. How. What even is this? I will say that I’m SO glad that i don’t have to wait for Crooked Kingdom because I seriously would not have been able to function. And OMG. I UNDERSTAND now about Kaz. KAZ. KAAZZZZ. ** No spoilers here, but I will say that I have read the Grisha trilogy, but I enjoyed SoC even more! HOW. It’s true, friends. SoC is grittier and the Grisha are not the same as the Grisha in the Shadow and Bone series. And the Fjerdans? Bro, are you even human? If I had to rate this, I’d give it 4.5/5 stars. The beginning was a little slow for me, but once I got into the story, I really enjoyed it.


Now, Crooked Kingdom. Be honest. How much will it hurt? On a scale of using parem—will I become addicted after the first few pages and won’t be able to stop reading? Or will I become a shell of a person after continuous reading, looking for the next moment to read? Or after reading this, will I suffer from withdrawals, looking for fixes, but suffer from major withdrawal? Will I be able to slay people with just my eyes? If yes to one or more of these, please offer a prayer to Sankta Alina that she protect me. Someone will also have to check in on me from time to time as well. You know. Just to make sure I’m not dead.


#livelaughbooksoctober Bookish Maps

#booktober2016 Book and Mask

#nerdybookchallenge K is for…KAZ BREKKER.


#octoberfantasychallenge Would you spend a day at Hogwarts or Diagon Alley? Hogwarts! Because I LOVE learning. (Okay. How did I think I was a Griffyndor this whole time? I’m still coming to terms with my house sorting of Ravenclaw, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that I really am a Ravenclaw.)


Also, Happy Birthday to Cici @rusticwindow! I’m so glad I found you and I hope you have a wonderful day! I’m sure you’re all following Cici’s gorgeous account, but if not, stop by and give her feed a chance! You won’t regret it. While you’re there, wish her a happy birthday too! 


Also, my flash giveaway will end tonight at midnight! Make sure to take a look at the previous post!


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