Book Challenge: Book Read at a Pivotal Time

This is a bit late, but I still wanted to share it. For #grimdragon, I’m thankful for…A book you read at a pivotal time. Henry and Clare will always be one of those couples I remember with bittersweet fondness. They are an unconventional couple because of Henry’s ability to spontaneously travel back and forth through time. What’s really amazing about this story is that it’s told in pieces, at different times of their lives, but the thread that helps to keep the story together is Henry and Clare’s love for each other. Despite the issue of Henry’s absence and the unpredictability of his time traveling ability, they still manage to keep their relationship strong and have a family. .

I read this book while I was pregnant with our first child. It’s probably not a good book to read while pregnant because of Clare’s frequent issues with trying to conceive. But, it was a good book to read at the time because I thought there was nothing that could be greater than being in love with my best friend and husband. I’d say The Time Traveler’s Wife gave me a brief glimpse at how marriage is messy and complicated when kids are introduced, but how it also is worth it too. Nine years since I’ve read this book and since my son was born, I’m grateful for him and my family and I still hope that Clare and Henry’s ever after was just as spectacular.


Also for #livelaughbooksoctober, Wanderlust. Henry traveled everywhere through time!


For #watermelanerdsoctober, “Don’t let the hard days win.” Book that wrecked you. The Time Traveler’s Wife totally slayed me.


For #nerdybookchallenge, M is for Marriage.


For #lilbookishoctober, Books and leaves.


Okay. This post was a bit heavy on the feels. It’s this book! I get so teary eyed whenever I think about it. If you’ve read it, did you like it? If not, I strongly recommend that you do with a Costco amount of tissues. 


In case you missed it, I have a giveaway going on right now. It ends tonight at midnight. Make sure to check a couple posts back to see details!


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