Thank you!!

Oh gosh!! It’s been such an amazing weekend!! I celebrated my 41st birthday and reached 3k followers! I feel so loved and blessed! 🙏🏽❤️.

Thank you especially to Amy @ladyofthelibrary and Holly @_the_infinite_book_dragon for the birthday shout out! And thank you to Caryn @iam.caryn for the shout out that helped me reached 3k! These ladies are so sweet and their feeds are amazing! Please give them a look and a follow! 


And thank you to everyone who messaged and texted me on my birthday! It was so nice to see all the well wishes, emojis, gifs, and LASERS. 😂


If you didn’t get a chance to see my Story over the weekend, I visited the Art Warehouse in Westminster and the Long Beach Aquarium. I had fun at both places and will do a story on my small art shop haul. Monday, my actual birthday, was spent recuperating and photographing. I’ll be back to posting (late) challenges again soon. 😆😅

Thank you everyone! ❤️😘 I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far! 


My Book Lover earrings are from @wandwitchandwizard. Use REP10 for a discount! 


#wandwitchandwizard #bookishjewelry #bookishmerchandise 


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