Bullet Journal Challenge: My “why” 

If you’re new here, HELLO! Besides reading and writing, I’m a total planner girl! I started using a planner in college to try to keep up with assignments and tests. I continued using one when I was a teacher and eventually moved on to bullet journaling. I have a Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 notebook for my writing and reading life. I also use a Traveler’s Notebook for real life planning..

Both of these systems work so well for the different aspects of my character. I commend those who can keep it all in one place. I like clearly defined work areas. My writer self loves having the LT1917 which stays on my desk and comes out when I’m writing. My mommy self loves the portability of the TN and also having different inserts to organize appointments and other household items.


Pictured are some of my favorite tools: I’m loving the Papermate Inkjoy gel inks @papermate_inkjoys and of course washi tape. My current on deck choices are fall/Halloween style tapes. I found these particular styles at Target, Michaels, and Daiso. Also pictured is the Supernatural themed “Yesterday was Tuesday, right?” notepad from the September @nerdy.post. I love having notepads on hand to jot down tasks for later.


How’s your Saturday going? I checked out The Lightening Thief audiobook from the library and my older sons LOVE it. I’ve been playing it for them all morning and they do not want to do anything else, but listen! This day has been long in coming. I’m so glad I can share this series with them now.
#planwithmechallenge My “why” and Favorite Tools

Check out #jennfscurrentreadstracker for other posts about how I track my daily reading. 


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