Book Challenge: Poe/Mad Hatter Mash-up

For #boookstagramchallenge16, Why is a raven like a writing desk? Poe/Hatter Mash-up, I thought this would be a fun prompt to do because it’s such an interesting pairing. Madness and darkness together—can you imagine? I read the Tell-Tale Heart in high school and thought it was a strange, but good story and I wanted to read more Poe. I confess, I’m only familiar with the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland and need to rectify that!  .

Also for #livelaughbooksoctober, #booktober2016, #octoberfantasychallenge Mad Hatter Day and #lilbookishoctober Mad Hatter Day and Mysterious/Surprise Death (Death of Edgar Allen Poe).


Thank you to everyone who responded to my previous prompt about the #20factsaboutme. You all are so sweet! I tossed in three facts that were NOT true. Here are the false answers: I love to swim. Swimming is my favorite (FALSE. I hate swimming.) On a childhood trip to the Grand Canyon, I took rocks from the outer rim, but a park ranger told me to put them back. (FALSE. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, but this never happened to me.) I once ate something my kid spit out of his mouth because I did not have anywhere to throw it away. (FALSE. This never happened, but it happened to a friend.) Everything else was true! 😅😆 That was a lot of fun! And thank you for the early birthday wishes. I can’t wait for this weekend to celebrate with my family. 


In case you missed it, I’m hosting the last and major washi tape flash giveaway from @pretty.packages giveaway. Check out the previous post for details. And this time, it’s INTERNATIONAL! Hurry because the giveaway closes TONIGHT at midnight PST.


#aliceinwonderland #lewiscarroll #edgarallenpoe #theraven #classicbooks #classicreads 


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