Tag: 20 facts about me 

Yay for Thursday, but Sugar Honey Iced Tea! It’s Thursday! Friends, I don’t know where the time has gone by! Between errands and appointments for this week and getting ready for my birthday this weekend, today is the first day where I have this much time *presses index finger and thumb together* for bookstagramming and I’m woefully behind on challenges! .

So instead, here is the #5factsaboutme from Jenn @a_tad_bit_bookish and Holly @_the_infinite_book_dragon and let’s go ahead and do #20factsaboutme from Brittney @herbookishthings too! But let’s make this interesting. Three of these facts are NOT true! Hahaha. Try to guess in the comments which are totally made up!

-I met Gary Coleman when I was 16. 

-I love to swim. Swimming is my favorite. 

-I have four kids who are nine years old and under. 

– When I was in high school, I had a very short lived modeling career.

-I am allergic to cats.

-On a childhood trip to the Grand Canyon, I took rocks from the outer rim, but a park ranger told me to put them back.

-I will be 41 on Monday. 

-I enjoy cheesy action movies. I can watch Independence Day and Tremors all day.

-I went to high school with the actress Paula Patton.

-Musicals distress me. I find the singing distracting.

-I once ate something my kid spit out of his mouth because I did not have anywhere to throw it away.

-I thought Sunny Delight was real orange juice until I was in middle school.

-Avocados are life.

-I started the ketogenic diet 12 weeks ago and have lost ten pounds.

-I don’t love chocolate.

-I was born and raised in Southern California, but my mother is from the Philippines.

-All of my kids’ names have some reference to a favorite author or character.

-Sometimes I have conversations in my head, but I still make expressions to accompany the conversation in my head. 

-I don’t like camping.

-My patronus is a dolphin.


I’m also tagging #20beautifulwomen as part of the spread the love prompt from #livelaughbooksoctober hosted by @_livelaughread and @acciobooksandcoffee. Thank you to Brittney, Fatima @janetomyausten, Serena @girl_of_books_and_torchlight and D @booksbeforebedtime for the tag! My Professional Bookwork t-shirt is from @avantmarket! Check out their other shirts! I’ve got my eye on the Plot Twists and Bibliophile shirts too!


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