Book Challenge: Favorite/Worst Antihero/Villain

I’m really enjoying the fall themes that IG is flooded with. Even though I’ve been on bookstagram for a year, I never saw fall themed posts or participated in fall challenges. I can only think that this is because I was still very new to bookstagram and I was not in deep yet! 😆 Now I’m like get ALL the fall props!! 😏.

For the #grimdragon prompt Favorite/worst antihero/villain, I have to put in the AI from Illuminae Aidan! I can’t decide if its an antihero or villain. Misguided as it was, it still believed it was acting in the best interest of the people. 


For the #octoberfantasychallenge prompt, Favorite Hogwarts teacher, and #watermelanerdsoctober, “Have a biscuit, Potter” Favorite fictional teacher (World Teacher Day), McGonagall!! Although I think if she was actually my teacher, I would be scared of messing up in front of her! I also had a soft spot for Professor Sprout and Hagrid too.


Other Challenges:

#lilbookishoctober Autumn book cover 

#booktober2016 Fall leaves #bookombre 

#pinkbooksoctober #bookandcandle 


I know! I’m late and all over the place with my challenge prompts, but better late than never, right? Plus, I’m pretty happy with this book ombre. Anyone else finding that the fall/Halloween season makes it SO easy to style pictures? It’s been a lot of fun!


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