Bullet Journal Challenge: Monthly Overview

For the #planwithmechallenge, Monthly overview, I decided to change the way I do my monthly. I had originally incorporated a tracker into my monthly overview to help keep track of my writing activities. When I first used it, it was really helpful in seeing what I was good at doing (social media updates and reading) and what I needed to do more of (writing and journaling). For the last two months I was trying to figure out how to make my monthly overview work better for me. I realized my needs had changed and I had to revise my monthly overview..

Instead of having a tracker in my monthly, I went back to basics and set up the traditional bullet journal monthly overview. What I want to do is set actionable goals this month to finish my first draft. In my notes/overview section, I plan to write down my goals there and keep notes on what I accomplished that week. I’m still keeping to my 1 hour a day of writing, but I’m going to add a word count goal for the week. Since it’s quantifiable, it’s given me something to shoot for (which I need to get on!). 


Washi tape is from Target and Michael’s. (The crows tape came in a Halloween set from Michael’s. It reminded me of Six of Crows!) Pen/make up pouch from @lunabluebags.


In case you missed it, I’m hosting the last and major washi tape flash giveaway from @pretty.packages giveaway. Check out the previous post for details. And this time, it’s INTERNATIONAL! Hurry because the giveaway closes on Thursday at midnight PST.

#lunabluebags #target #michaelscraftstore #washitapeaddict 


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