Book Challenge: October TBR 

I’m pretty good at sticking with a monthly TBR, but I always pick too many books. This time though, I decided to keep the books I didn’t get to read last month and try to read them this month. That’s why this stack is somewhat similar to last month’s TBR. 😅 I really need to read Gemina and The Star is also a Sun!.

I’m also finishing up a buddy read of Six of Crows with my friend Vicky @zoetzure. We’re getting near the end and I’m like how is this all going to work out?! I know at least some of them will survive or else there wouldn’t be Crooked Kingdom! RIGHT? 


I’ll also be buddy reading The Scorpio Races with Jenn @a_tad_bit_bookish and The Novice with Sandie @gameofpotterbooks! So excited to read these books along with these fabulous ladies! 


And oh hey! I have a candle in my picture! And the candle did not kill me or burn my books. 😆 I’m not usually a candle person because I’m sensitive to smells, but with all the candle posts and even more so because it’s the fall prop of choice, I decided to give it a try. It went a lot better than I thought it would! Plus I had a window open so that helped too. 😅


I also wanted to try a candle in honor of one of my favorites here on bookstagram Kori @_livelaughbooks. It’s her birthday and #booksandcandle is her favorite prompt! Happy Birthday, Kori!! I’m so glad I found you and grateful that you put up with all my messaging and/texting when I’m reading! (Expect some for City of Heavenly Fire!) 😳



October TBR









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