Nerdy Post: Supernatural Close-up

As promised, here’s a closer look at the Supernatural items from this month! I really love all the details Alexis puts into each item. I can’t wait to use the It’s Tuesday notepad for planning and that bookmark!! 😆 .

Next month’s fandom is Outlander and sign-ups will end soon! Check out Kori @_livelaughread and Alison @littlebookwormig for a discount code. Their accounts are gorgeous so take a look! 


I’m getting ready to go to Day 2 of used books library sale and I’m trying to stay low key excited but I found some pretty good books yesterday. I’m hoping they bring more books out because they had boxes tucked away under the tables. If you want to see my haul from yesterday, check out my story! I’ll be posting more on it today too!


#nerdypost #supernatural #stationeryaddict #handmade #subscriptionbox #boxsubscription #isupportsmallbusinesses


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