Book Challenge: Nostalgia: Books You’ve Reread Several Times

WAIT. Before you scroll down and think I’ve really lost my mind or ran out of ideas for posts, let me explain. .

For the #grimdragon prompt, Nostalgia: books you have read several times, I actually could not remember when I had time to reread a book purely for comfort. You see, it’s not that I don’t like rereading books, I just don’t have time. I’d love to reread Pride and Prejudice, Mistborn, and/Harry Potter, but several factors are working against me. 


First, I’m old. No. It’s okay I know I am. (Proof is coming in two weeks, i.e. my birthday.) I’m proud to be an #oldstagrammer and a #bookstamom. But when you come to realize that you might not be able to read ALL THE BOOKS because oh hey, I’m old, you have to prioritize! (KNOW also that I’m jealous with longing at those who have the time to reread said books with leisure.) 


Also, in light of previously mentioned reason, my TBR stack can quite literally crush me dead. No joke. 


And finally, I have small children. And these small children have total booknerds for parents so of course they’re going to love reading too! Yay! And of course they’re going to want to reread the stories they love again and again and again and again. And again. 😩 Don’t get me wrong. We’re totally killing it with our kids’ reading fluency and developing a life long love of reading. But for the times I’ve reread these books pictured here, I could’ve quite possibly have reread a book of my own liking. (Hmm… Pride and Prejudice or Everyone Poops?) But, you can’t really get those times back like when reading We are in a Book! For the first time and Piggy and Gerald become new friends. (Also, that book is so meta!) Or when reading Ninja! and my two year old daughter is like 😳 during the whole story and finds Donatello’s eye mask and asks to help put it on because she’s a ninja now.


You could say that by reading these now with them, they can look back at these books nostalgically and say, “Remember when mom used to read Everyone Poops and she’d make sound effects too?” (With three boys, it really can’t be avoided.) 😆


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