Book Challenge: Blue Books

Okay. So what is even happening, friends? How is it the end of September and we’re fast approaching October?! I feel like we just started the school year! Also, Sugar Honey Iced Tea!! Is anyone else overwhelmed with ALL THE NEW BOOKS being released right now? The publishers are like, “Make it rain!🌧🌧🌧🌧📚📚📚” and we’re like “OH GODS YES, but my wallet though!!😩💸” It’s not letting up anytime soon either! .
For #livelaughbooksseptember, Blue Books (September birthstone), I tried to do a #bookishombre, but I’m still learning. 😌 At least I could find blue books which seem to be in abundance. (Orange books are my unicorn—I will find more!) 


For #septemberfantasychallenge, Heroes vs. Villains: Dream Team War. The Young Elites vs. The Chimera from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. RIGHT? That would be such an epic war because who would be the heroes and the villains? These characters are at first portrayed as villains, but then you start rooting for them, and you’re like, wait, no! They’re supposed to be the bad guys! SHAME. Then #sorrynotsorry KILL EVERYONE. Someone make this happen please!


For #grimdragon, Seafaring adventure, so, this might be a bit of a stretch, but there was some traveling across the sea in Bitterblue near the end which was a very climatic part and once they got to their destination, it was like 😨😲. Did that really happen?! Sorry, trying not spoil this for anyone who hasn’t read the Graceling series yet.


For #bookocandisrex, Book to Movie, ANY OF THESE would be perfect, but if I HAD to choose (which you guys know I’m incapable of doing), I would choose An Ember in the Ashes and A Torch Against the Night. I love these books so much and it would be incredible to see this on the big screen. And okay, I’d love to see Elias in real life too. 😍


In case you missed it, I’m hosting a washi tape flash givewaway. See previous post for details on how to enter. Giveaway ends at midnight PST. Good luck! 


#bluebooks #yafantasy #raecarson #sabaatahir #lainitaylor #marielu #janeausten #reneeahdieh  


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