Book Challenge: Battle of the Fairies

For #septemberfantasychallenge, A Battle of the Fairies-Rhys, Tamlin, The Seelie Queen, Tinkerbell, or Aelin-Who would triumph? I have to admit, for my #currentread City of Lost Souls, the Seelie Queen might win. She’s all for herself and the fairies and will play at both sides to get her way. She’s ruthless and quite honestly, very hard to like! .

Also, I don’t know about this story. I mean, I’ve stuck with it this far and I’m so close to reading Lady Midnight (which is why I started rereading TMI 1-3 and then read TID and now back to TMI), so I don’t want to give up, but OMG Clase is just so over the top sometimes compared to Will, Tessa, and Jem. (See them there. I miss them so much!) Anyway, not to give spoilers away, but I’m near the end and I’m at the part where it’s all about to go down and Clary is trying to keep it together, but IDK. This book is cray!



Just finished this last night. I can’t. 😩 Can we just. IDEK. Malec! 😱😭😵 💔 And Sebastian! 😳😖😰 You guys, send positive thoughts, keep me in your thoughts, pray for me, give me healing and strength runes because this series is trying to break me. On to book 6. 

#cityoflostsouls #shadowhunters #themortalinstruments #cassandraclare #Clase #malec 


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