@nerdy.post September subscription: Supernatural Fandom

FRIENDS. I have received my first @nerdy.post and it’s AMAZING. The fandom theme for September was Supernatural and I had to get this. I love this show (one of my sons is named after Dean Winchester 😁). I waited a week to post because I didn’t want to spoil anyone, but if you’re still waiting for yours, please scroll down! .

I am SO happy with everything in this post! This was perfect for the bookish Supernatural fan! I love this print of Castiel’s quote “You don’t have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom.” It’s one of Castiel’s best quotes, but it also applies so well to many themes we read about too! There was also a drink koozie “Hunter’s Helper” and Crowley’s quote on the other side of it “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a little hell to raise.” I also love these tattoos—an anti-possession symbol and two quotes: “Family don’t end with blood” and “Salt and Burn”. I can’t wait to wear these! There was also a magnet with Dean’s quote “Saving People. Hunting things. The family business.” One of my favorite quotes! 


I loved all of these items, but I think my favorites were the Week of Tuesdays list pad (big surprise), the special commissioned sticker of Dean and Sam (so cute!), and the bookmark! I love that Alexis has two designs for the bookmark. Pictured is the quote “All the adventures I enjoy are usually of the literary nature” and on the back is Sam’s quote “Yes, Dean, I like to read books, you know, the ones without pictures.” OMG. Isn’t that perfect!!


And of course, her trademark postcard that has Dean’s beloved Impala! I want to color it in, but I don’t want to mess it up! 😅


This won’t be the last you’ll see of these. It’s my first @nerdy.post and I love Supernatural, so I’m going to be featuring these items as many times as I can! They’re just too good. 


Next month’s @nerdy.post fandom theme is Outlander! I know there’s a lot of Outlander fans out there, so make sure to sign up! Check out my girls Alison @littlebookwormig and Kori @_livealughreadbooks for a discount code. If you’re not following them, you totally should! Their accounts are gorgeous! 😍


#nerdypost #supernatural #subscriptionbox #isupportsmallbusinesses 


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