Book Challenge: Favorite Female Character 

So, in a previous post I did Favorite male character and when I saw there was also a favorite female character prompt to for #livelaughbooksseptember, well, it pretty much went the same way. I’m so bad at just picking one! Well, let me try…nope. Can’t. If you’ve read even just one of these books *coughs/Harry Potter*, then you know how hard it was to pick just one. See any of your favorites?.

For the superheroes prompt, I misunderstood the prompt, but I can make this work! I think the characters who could pass for superheroes are Vin/Mistborn (allomantic powers), Adelina Amouteru/The Young Elites (creator of deadly illusions), Karou/Daughter of Smoke and Bone (The Resurrectionist), Agnieszka/Uprooted and Delilah Bard/A Gathering of Shadows (Elemental magicians). 

Anyway, I hope you guys have had a great weekend! Not sure if I’m ready for the week. Not quite ready for September to end, but excited for October because it means Halloween and my birthday! 😁🙃


#booksandflowers from the lovely Jen @jencleonicio 


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