Book Challenge: Favorite Male Character

If you don’t this about me yet, I’m really bad at just picking one answer. Multiple choice tests are an agony for me to take because every answer sounds plausible, but give me an essay test and I will write the hells out of it. I know. My brain is weird..

Where am I going with this? I’m glad you asked. This is for #livelaughbooksseptember Favorite Male Character prompt. Um, yeah. I couldn’t just pick one. I’m sure you can see why. So, any favorites you see here? If you’re not familiar with any of these, then WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? But, seriously, all of these have fantastic male characters. My current favorite is Elias Veturius from An Ember in the Ashes and, well, I’m not sure yet, but I’m still reading Six of Crows and it’s looking like it might be a tie between Kaz and Jesper. I will definitely let you all know!


For #septemberfantasychallenge, Fantasy Super Hero Team, WELL, you see, I have this group of favorite male characters and they all would make a fabulous fantasy super hero team. Someone PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.


For #grimdragon, Needs to be a movie, I’ve mentioned before A Darker Shade of Magic would make an excellent movie. I’d also love to see AEITA and any of the Mistborn books as movies as well. 


For #bookocandisrex, A Court of Trysts and Curry: Choose a fictional date to eat curry with. HMMM. I’ve certainly brought together quite a fine court. But, YOU GUYS. You know I can’t make choices! Ahh. If I’m forced to make a choice, I’d like to go on a fictional date to eat curry with Elias Veturius. Or maybe Captain Thorne. Or maybe Kell. Or maybe Jesper. 😆


We went to the library today and I was able to get Ms. Marvel, Nimona, and Through the Woods. I’ve been in a graphic novel mood lately and I’m excited to get into these. 


#fantasybooks #eliasveturius #jesper #kazbrekker #mistborn #lordwaxillium #kvothe #percyjackson #froioftheexhiles #harrypotter #captainthorne #lotr #gandalf #legolas #aragorn #samwisegamgee #sherlockholmes #drwatson


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