Book Challenge: Hello Autumn! Book leaves in fall hues 

When I was a kid, summer was my favorite season. No school and doing whatever you wanted—I was a child of the 80’s so this is completely true. Then when I entered my 30s, I began to appreciate spring. This is sometimes hard to do when you live in Southern California, but I was traveling a lot back then and I started associating being in a new place with spring. When I started having kids and was on the brink of turning 40, I really started to enjoy fall. I enjoy spending Halloween with my kids and with age and experience, Thanksgiving has taken a new meaning for me. It’s a time for family and also a time to remember those who could not be there. .

Sorry to get a bit maudlin on all of you. Lots of things are making me introspective: It’s a year since I’ve started writing my book and starting this account. Both my daughter, and last kid that I’m having, will officially be a toddler and my oldest will also enter the double digit age category in a few months. My birthday is in two weeks and Sugar Honey Iced Tea you guys, I can’t even believe that most of my goals that I set out to accomplish a year ago are close to being realized. I also can’t believe how many people I’ve become friends with on here. Like seriously, I’m hugging bookstagram right now.


Ahhhh. Thanks for letting me get that out. Don’t worry, I’ll be getting back to my usual posts of books, journals, and washi tape. I just needed a minute, you know? I feel like this year has gone by so fast! 


Book Challenges:

#livelaughbooksseptember Bye Summer! Hello Autumn!

#grimdragon Book leaves in fall hues



#seaofbooks from the lovely D @booksbeforebedtime

#openbook from the fantastic Rachel @bookishwonderland


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