Book Challenge: White Whale: book I never finished 

I’m really sorry to admit this, but for #bookocandisrex TBR White Whale: Book I never finished, it was Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. I got through Throne of Glass okay, but I tried to push through COM and ended up DNF. I do plan to get back to it one day especially since I want to be able to understand what everyone’s talking about! .

How about you? What’s your TBR White Whale?


Also, is it too soon to post an unboxing of the September It’s been less than a week since I got it, but I didn’t want to assume everyone got theirs too. I hate to spoil anyone. The September fandom for was Supernatural. I LOVE this show so much that I had to get it (I named one of my sons after Dean Winchester! Hahaha.) I plan to do an unboxing post for the September @Owlcrate too, but I know I need to wait for that as well. 


In case you missed it, today is my flash giveaway for washi tape from @pretty.packages! It’s a really spectacular set if I do say so my self. Check previously post for details! Giveaway ends at midnight!!


#sarahjmaas #throneofglass #crownofmidnight 


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