Book Challenge: Female Authors

I have a lot of favorite female authors, which is evident in my feed, but here are more that I’m afraid I haven’t read yet. I’ve actually read Elizabeth Gaskell and NK Jemison. Elizabeth Gaskell wrote North and South and Wives and Daughters. If you like English Classics, you’ll definitely love her work. Her adaptations are fantastic too! NK Jemison’s 100 Thousand Kingdoms is Sci-Fi, but it’s not what I expected. Jemison is a story teller, so you can’t rush her stories. You have to let the story unfold and when it does, it’s really quite fantastic..

I’m really excited to read the other authors too. I checked out The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter from the library for a spooky-themed book club hosted by Kacheri I’m really excited to start this because I’ve heard great things about Angela Carter’s stories. I first heard about her through Aentee @aenteereads and she recommended Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales. 


Challenge: #grimdragon Female Authors


Book Tags: I haven’t forgotten about my tags! Let’s see if I can get some done.


#coverlover from the fantastic Holly @the_infinite_book_dragon 


#10thingsthatmakemehappy from the wonderful Melanie @watermelanies


Tea. Tea fixes everything.

Fresh laundered bedsheets.

Finishing a notebook

Starting a new notebook

When my two year-old daughter sings her own songs.

When my sons help take out the trash (ages 9, 7, and 4).


flowers-tulips and daises specifically

Trees. I’m partial to the native trees here: myrtle, jacaranda, and pepper trees. But maples and oaks make me happy too.

Quiet. I love my family, but it’s also nice to have some quiet time.


So I didn’t put books or washi tape because that’s pretty much a given. I did sneak in notebooks though. 😏



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