Bookish Challenge: Bookish Illustrations 

Totally late for this, but you guys shouldn’t be surprised! 😁 I had the shot and got sidetracked by the awesomeness of getting ready to meet Sabaa Tahir and Nicola Yoon and then when I did, I pretty much suffered from post book signing hangover. It’s a thing. (See previous posts for details.).

So, A Torch Against the Night was one of my anticipated reads of this year. I can’t believe it’s come and gone and now we have to wait two years for the next one. 😭 BUT, fall seems to be the time for ALL THE BOOKS to come out and my book hangover did not last for very long. I started Six of Crows (FINALLY) and I’m super excited for Crooked Kingdom next week! 


I’m also excited for The Midnight Star by Marie Lu @marielu which is the last book in The Young Elites series. FRIENDS, if you haven’t read this series, GO NOW. Adelina Amouteru is the main character and she’s unlike any female characters out there—she’s the villain and you’ll be rooting for her to succeed in getting revenge and ruling the world. I’ve never wanted a villain to win so badly before! I’m enjoying this series so much and I’m eager to see how things end. I want Adelina to win, but there’s no way! I don’t see a happy ending for her and I’m actually sad about it!


This incredible TYE art print is by the fabulous Grace Fung @fictograph. If you guys enjoyed the shirtless Kaz Brekker sketch (SCROLL DOWN), then you’ll love her work! You can get this print along with other bookish prints from her website. SO worth it you guys! (I’m itching for the Six of Crows print too!) Take a look at her page to see her current WIP. She’s amazing. Link to her shop is in her profile.


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