Book Challenge: Mad Libs

I love the Mad Libs prompts and the #septemberfantasychallenge never disappoints! Here’s the prompt: Harry and I (verb) in the (place) while Ron and Hermione (verb). Look on page 15. Taken from A Study in Charlotte which is one of my #currentreads. .

Harry and I played in Connecticut while Ron and Hermione smirked.


What? Does “play” have another meaning these days? I confess, since I’ve been out of the classroom, I’ve lost my in for the current euphemisms. 😀


This Golden Trio print by Susanne @susanne_draws was a special commission for the August Owlcrate @owlcrate box. I love it so much! The Hogwarts is my Home button is by Taryn @taryndraws. The Eleanor and Park necklace was designed by Owlcrate’s owner Korrina!


Amazing, right? How can it get better? Believe it or not, the September box was extraordinary! I don’t know how Korrina manages to do it, but the September box blew my expectations away. Don’t worry. I won’t post an unboxing picture until the end of the week to give people time to get their boxes, but OMG. It’s SO good. I’m eager to share it with you guys soon! 


In case you missed it, today is my flash giveaway for washi tape from @pretty.packages! It’s a really spectacular set if I do say so my self. Check previously post for details! 


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