Book Challenge: Tamlin or Rhysand?

So, I’m late. Again. I’m really hoping September calms down soon. Wishful thinking? 😊.

For #bookocandisrex, Much Maas: Stargazing with Rhys or swimming in starlight with with Tam? Okay. So, I’ve only read ACOTAR and loved it. By the end of it, I was totally Team Rhys, but at the time it was such an unpopular opinion that I kept my mouth shut. Now, since ACOMAF, it seems everyone is Team Rhys and I’m like OH HEY HE WAS MINE FIRST. 🙁😉 So even though I haven’t read ACOMAF, I still pick Rhys! 


Do you guys know Sandie @gameofpotterbooks? She’s got such a beautiful feed and is so nice! I’m really glad I found her. Even though I haven’t read ACOMAF yet, she sent me these beautiful prints that she made! Gorgeous, right? These make me so excited for ACOMAF! Go on and give her a visit and say hi. ❤️


Also, I’m putting ACOMAF on my October/November TBR. Comment here so I know who I can turn to when I need to fangirl or despair with all the feels. Everyone’s read it, so I know I could probably turn to just about anyone, but I should probably get permission first. 😃 Don’t want to assume and start spamming you with 😭 and 😍. 😬


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