Bullet Journal Challenge: At work

For the #planwithmechallenge prompt, At work, I’m a stay-at-home, but I’m also a writer. When I’m writing, I have notebooks that I use to help me write my novel. It looks like a lot, but it makes sense to me..

When I first started writing my book, I started with a traveler’s notebook to take notes during my research. Then when I started writing my novel, I needed a way to gauge my progress, so I created a WIP notebook where I track my daily word count on a monthly calendar and write my story notes and word counts as my dailies. Then I record my word count on my Novel Log which gives me an overview during the year of my novel progress. I use my my #writersbulletjournal for all my reading, writing, and social media tasks. 


Notebooks featured: Moleskine cahier and notebook, lined @molskine_world. Leuchtthrum 1917 squared @leuchtthrum. Pens: Papermate Inkjoy @papermate_inkjoy


Thanks to everyone who entered the flash giveaway! I’ll post the winner on Saturday! One more day until the weekend! 🙌🏽


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