Book Challenge: Most Prized Bookish Possession

For the #grimdragon, Most prized bookish possession, I have several. My postcard of Jane Austen’s writing desk from her home Chawton Cottage, my inspiration canvas with the signature of several YA authors I met this year, and signed bookplates that I received from authors I’d still like to meet (Julie Murphy, Maggie Steifvater, and Cinda Chima Williams)..

I’m an avid reader, but I’m also a writer. One of my goals this year was to attend reader and writer events. I attended the LA Times Festival of Books and Y’all West which is how I was able to meet so many authors this year. I also attended three author signings. One for Victoria Schwab, Marie Lu, and Gretchen McNeil. Then another for Sabaa Tahir, Alwyn Hamilton, Rachel Hawkins, and April Tucholke. Another for Jeff Zentner, Nicola Yoon, Julie Buxbaum, Kara Thomas, and Laura McNeil. I wanted to listen to authors talk about their writing process and getting published, and if I’m honest, I wanted to fangirl over them too. I also wanted to be able to remember the experience, but also use it help keep me motivated to write. They were all so positive and supportive when I told them that I was a writer and when I explained what my canvas was for (a visual reminder to keep writing), they were happy to sign it! 


I’m so glad that I made this a goal for myself this year. It’s been such an amazing experience meeting all these authors and listening to them talk about their experiences in writing. I’m going to see Sabaa Tahir with Nicola Yoon on Saturday. I’ve met them several times this year, but I’m still nervous! Mostly because I can not do mellow or low key. It’s going to be painfully awkward, but I’m excited!


Can you guys guess whose signature is which? Wait, how many of you have the zoom feature now? You can zoom in on pictures on IG now! Leave your guesses in the comments. I’ll post the answers in my Story. 




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