Fall Rep for @wandwitchandwizard

In case you haven’t heard, I was selected as a rep for @wandwitchandwizard! I’m so excited to represent Maeva’s work. She makes gorgeous wands like this one pictured here. This wand is the Mr. Bennet wand. Isn’t it gorgeous? Maeva was inspired by the Keira Knightley adaptation of Mr. Bennet when she created this wand. She also makes other bookish inspired items like bookmarks, charms, and stickers. I can’t wait to receive my first rep package and share what’s inside! I’m excited! You’re excited! We’re all excited! Check out @wandwitchandwizard! Maeve’s just posted Halloween themed bookish items in the shop!.

Here are the other reps that were selected! Take a look at their profiles. They’re all so beautiful. I’m so honored to be working with such a talented group.









In case you missed it, today is my weekly flash giveaway for washi tape from @pretty.packages. Check previous post for details on how to enter! Giveaway ends at midnight!




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