Book Challenge: Happy Books

Okay. So, according to #livelaughbooksseptember challenge, today is Positive Thinking Day, and we are supposed to share Happy Books! Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are my OTP and have brought infinite happiness during a really tough time in my life. The writing and the wit were so much fun to read and the story is wonderful. I think Pride and Prejudice is also the perfect story to read or reread when you want to have a delightful pick me-up..

For #septemberfantasychallenge, create the worst couple ever, well, in Pride and Prejudice, I think the worst couple would’ve been Mr. Collins and Elizabeth Bennet. Can you imagine how the story would’ve gone if she had said yes to the first proposal? 😖Actually, it probably would’ve made the visit to Rosings Park really interesting. Wait, I think I’ve actually read this fanfic, but Mr. Collins dies. 😯 


This print is by the talented Lucy from @lucyintheskycreations. This Elizabeth Bennet print is part of the Heroines of Literature series that she has created. Lucy has also created beautiful designs on mugs and cute jewelry. Take a look at her feed to see more of her work. She’s so nice and creative! 


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