Book Challenge: Book Nerd Confession 

So, for the #grimdragon prompt, Booknerd Confession, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I like notebooks and I like bullet journaling which is pretty much a match made in heaven. I also love reading, but I felt like I wasn’t reading enough. So I created this reading tracker layout and set a goal of reading everyday for at least twenty minutes. I also set a reading goal to read 30 books for the year. I started using this reading tracker in January and by March, I was already more than halfway to my goal of 30 books. (I raised the goal up to 50.).

Another layout that I wanted to incorporate is my Genre tracker. As a writer, I firmly believe to become a better writer, you have to read, but I also believe you should also read outside your preferred genre. I’d like to say that I’ve been good about reading outside the fantasy genre, but damn it, fantasy! I can’t quit you! I have managed to start the graphic novel series Saga. I’ve been picking out books outside the genre fantasy each month. I just have to make a more concerted effort to read them. 😅


For #bookocandisrex, Fave Heroines: Inspirational Bad Ass heroines, you all know how much I love Vin from Mistborn, Katsa from Graceling, Eona from Eon, and Kate Thompson from Vengeance Road. I also want to mention Alanna from Saga and Delilah Bard from A Gathering of Shadows series. If you haven’t read either of these series, I highly recommend them! You will not be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Book Nerd Confession 

  1. novelcravings

    I think I want to try these trackers in mu Bujo! Im really bad for having an all-or-nothing attitude. If I dont have time to sit and read for an hour or write a whole blog post for instance, I won’t even start. I really need to learn that if I have 20 minutes that 20 more than not reading at all or 20 minutes more of a blog post even if I dont finish it.

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    1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

      Having small goals helps break down the overall behavior you want to accomplish. Sometimes I meet my 20. Sometimes I go over. Sometimes I barely meet it or not at all. But I find 20 minutes easy for my brain to handle and find motivation.



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