Bullet Journal Challenge: Planning Time

If you saw my Story last week, I won an incredible giveaway hosted by Kacheri @passion.themed.life on her blog. She’s such a sweet and creative person and one of the first planner girl friends I made when I joined IG. You guys should definitely check her feed and blog out. I was so thrilled to win her giveaway. She included so many planner goodies from Michael’s Craftstore @michaelscraftstore, Yellow Paper House @yellowpaperhouse, and Stop ’n Jot Crafts @stopnjotcrafts (planner stickers)! Kacheri also included this handmade pouch and pen holder too!.

I have to admit, out of all the prizes, the TN from @Imperfectlyperfekt took my breath away! J. Caoilfhionn Marie hand makes each and every Keelindori, so no two are alike! The Keelindoris are made from leather and she hand stitches and crafts the designs herself. Such gorgeous craftmanship and she has so many designs! For you Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans, she has several designs for Hogwarts Houses and an incredible one for the Maurader’s Map and Middle Earth. You have to see for yourself! This is a hobby of hers and she opened up her Etsy shop this year, hoping she could sell her Keelindoris to help with the cost of her daughter’s medical supplies for diabetes. I love this cover and I’m hoping I can get another one in the future! Give her feed and shop a look! If anything, you’ll fall in love with her designs. 


How’s everyone’s weekend been so far? I thought things would slow down once school started for the kids. NOPE. 😅Yesterday, we went to the library and had a nice surprise. There was a used book sale going on. Found some great books there. Then we went to another library to go see its used books for sale (original goal). Struck out there, but did get a library card. I have four now!! I wanted access to the online libraries for audiobooks and eBooks. So far, I’ve been able to find most titles, but there are long waits for recent titles. I’ve been spending my Sunday afternoon trying to catch up with chores and planning. I’m nearly caught up! Hope you guys have had a great weekend so far!



#planwithmechallenge Planning Time


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