Book Challenge: Book and Tea 

For #bookocandisrex, Book and Coffee, I actually don’t drink coffee, so here’s some tea instead. This particular tea is from @riddlesteashoppe and it is the Ravenclaw Wisdom blend. It’s an Earl Grey blend of blueberry and coconut flavors. It’s so delicious. Aunjuli has fantastic Harry Potter themed teas that you should definitely check out!.

For #livelaughbooksseptember, Squad Goals, Elias, Laia, and Helene. Okay. So I’m not quite finished with Torch. I’m going to start Part IV Unmade this week, but I’m afraid that I’m going to die. YOU GUYS, I swear that this book will break me. I can’t even handle reading this book in long stretches because of all the feels. I’ve had to stop and take a break so many times. 😩 I’m such a wimp. But I am LOVING this story.


For #grimdragon, Diversity: Minority Authors, I really love this series AEITA, and it’s inspiring to see a woman of color have a successful published book. After I read AEITA, I was so grateful for the story. Not just because it’s fantastic, but also because if Sabaa Tahir can get published, so can I!


Story behind this bookmark: I saw it at Barnes and Nobles and thought this quote by Edith Wharton related to AEITA so well: “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” I was going to see Sabaa Tahir at the LA Times Book Fest, so I bought it and planned to give it to her. I did and she remembered me from the first time we met in San Diego at Midnight Galaxy bookstore for the Penguin Teen Tour earlier in the year. Fast forward several months later and I get tagged in one of Sabaa Tahir’s @sabaatahir post, thanking me for her bookmark and how she was using it for her current read Furthermore. I rushed to Barnes and Noble the next day to get the same bookmark so we could be twinses! Haha. And you know what? She’s going to be at a signing near me on Saturday. I’m really trying to be low key excited about it, but I’m really not that cool. I’m probably going to cry. Again. 


Anyway, if you got to meet one of your favorite authors, would you cry? Or would you be able to stay cool about it? If so, PLEASE teach me your ways! 


Super cute elephant mug is from Daiso!


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