Book Challenge: Harry Potter 

I’m really late for this, but here’s my entry for the #ocaugustphoto challenge for Harry Potter swag. I love this print of the Golden Trio by @susanne_draws. My Snape Pop was also from Owlcrate!.

Also featured is the Sherlock wand made by the fabulous @wandwitchandwizard. 


This is also for #frostedweasley giveaway hosted by @inweasleywetrust, post your favorite Harry Potter book! You guys know me! I can’t just pick one. I loved Prisoner of Azkaban because of the way it foreshadowed darker times coming. Then in GOF, things got real (Cedric😭). Check out @inweasleywetrust’s profile for more giveaway details!


I’m trying to catch up on posts, but things have not slowed down! Busy weekend (you may have seen on my Story my used book sale escapades!) I most likely will be spamming with challenges I’m really late for and spamming your feeds with likes and comments. 😁 


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