Book Challenge: Book + Sport

Here’s another one of my #currentreads, the series Tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn. I saw this on Aentee’s @aenteereads feed. You guys should definitely check her feed out. It’s beautiful and I’ve learned about new authors from her too..

Like this one. I was intrigued by this because of the title of the first book Across the Nightingale Floor. You’ve heard of cover buys? I’m also a sucker for fantastic titles. 😁 Here’s the Goodreads summary:


The youth Takeo has been brought up in a remote mountain village among the Hidden, a reclusive and spiritual people who have taught him only the ways of peace. But unbeknownst to him, his father was a celebrated assassin and a member of the Tribe, an ancient network of families with extraordinary, preternatural skills. When Takeo’s village is pillaged, he is rescued and adopted by the mysterious Lord Otori Shigeru. Under the tutelage of Shigeru, he learns that he too possesses the skills of the Tribe. And, with this knowledge, he embarks on a journey that will lead him across the famed nightingale floor—and to his own unimaginable destiny…


A feudal Japanese inspired fantasy? A young boy who learns his extraordinary abilities are from his father who was a famous assassin? Faced with two destinies: become Lord of the Otori clan or claim his destiny and become an assassin? YES PLEASE.


I just finished Across the Nightingale Floor which is the first book in the series and I enjoyed it so much! If you like well-written stories with thoughtful characters and captivating world building, you’ll like this. Also, the writing has a literary style and the pacing is steady which helps capture the Japanese inspired culture and beliefs in this story. I’m so excited to start the next one Grass for his Pillow. There are four books all together plus a prequel. 



#livelaughbookseptember Book and Sports: I know this is a stretch, but marital arts is considered a sport right? 


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