Book Challenge: Author Shrine 

I know this prompt, Author Shrine from #livelaughbooksseptember, was meant for Empire of Storms, but I haven’t read passed TOG. 😔 Don’t break up with me, okay? I’ll fix it soon!.

Also, it’s been like five minutes since I’ve talked about Jane Austen. For those of you new to my feed, HI! I’m a big fan of Jane Austen, so she and her books make frequent appearances on my feed along with notebooks and stationery. I know, awesome, right?


The framed picture is actually a postcard I bought from Jane Austen’s Chawton cottage. This was her chair and desk that she used to write her novels. Both were so small! Granted, people were smaller back then, but my desk is pretty huge and I feel like I don’t have enough room! The docent also mentioned that the door to the sitting room squeaked and she asked that it not be fixed. It was a warning to let her know visitors were coming, so that she could hide what she was writing. I keep the frame over my own desk as a reminder and source of inspiration. Whenever I get discouraged about writing my novel, I look at it to remind myself that Jane Austen wrote six novels in secret on a small table! If she can do it, I can do it! The portrait of Jane Austen is from the Jane Austen Center in Bath.


If you missed it, my post for the flash giveaway for washi tape from @pretty.packages is up! Check original post. Giveaway closes at midnight PST. 


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