Bullet Journal Challenge: September Essentials

Happy Sunday! Here are my essentials for September. I enjoyed using watercolors in my journal last month that I’m excited to use them again and I’m thinking they’re going to be a regular medium from now on. My current pen of choice is the Papermate Inkjoy gel inks, but I’m also enjoying the Zig Millennium art pens I received as gifts from my lovely friend Aurelia @goldenleaf. I forgot to include my Pentel Touch brush pens that I love to use for lettering, but I’m sure you guys have seen them because I sneak them into my pictures often. .

And of course my washi tape! I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m kind of obsessed. HAHA. (This collection is from Becca’s store @pretty.packages)


And of course, my books! Books are always essential.


If you haven’t heard, I’m hosting a series of flash giveaways for washi tape from @pretty.packages. I put up a preview of the washi tape sets on my Story. For more details, check out the previous post of the winner of the last giveaway.The 


Challenge: #planwithmechallenge September Essentials


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