Book Challenges: Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal

I’ve had this on my TBR for quite some time. I learned about Mary Robinette Kowal @maryrobinettekowal through the podcast Writing Excuses. I love her insights into writing fantasy. She’s given great advice about world building. Then when I looked up her books, I was THRILLED to find out that Shades of Milk and Honey takes place during Regency England, but magic is part of the world. From the blurb on the cover, this has been described as a mix of “Pride and Prejudice and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell. Shades of Milk and Honey is something one would expect from Jane Austen, if she lived in a world where magic was real.” UM. YES PLEASE. The exciting part? This is the first book in the Glamourist Histories! I’m so excited to finally get into this. Anyone else start this series yet?.

For #septemberfantasychallenge, Favorite Disney Princess Real life job, I have several! Mulan would either be the Secretary of Defense. Rapunzel would be a surgeon. Jasmine would be an Ambassador for the UN. 


For #bookocandisrex, Fictional Doppelgänger: Who do you look like? Hmm. There’s no Filipino heroines in mainstream fiction, but I’m trying to remedy that! 😁 But, if I had to do a close approximation, I’d say either Laia from Ember or Shaz from Wrath. 


Featured here is the Mr. Bennet inspired wand from Maeva’s @wandwitchandwizard shop. This is also for Maeva’s rep search too. I love Jane Austen and fantasy books such as Victoria Schwab, Marissa Meyer, and Sabaa Tahir. As for my theme, I love bright colors, flowers, scarves. I’m also a stationery and notebook addict too! #wandwwrepsearch2


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