Bullet Journal Challenge: Hello!

Hello! If you’ve found me through books, writing, stationery, handwriting, bullet journaling, welcome! I’m so glad you found me! Featured also are my current obsessions: my current reads, notebooks (obvi), and washi tape (this collection is from @pretty.packages), my pen bag from @lunabluebags, and PENS. The Pentel Touch brush pens are my current lettering pens and I love how easy they are to use!.
In addition to being an avid reader and total book nerd, I’m a writer and love all things stationery. Featured here are my #writersbulletjournal in my Anthracite squared Leuchtturm 1917 and my common place book in my soft cover dotted Moleskine. I also keep a Traveler’s Notebook for my real life/mommy tasks (not shown because I was running out of light and rushing to get this picture and totally forgot to get it out from my purse!) 


I’ve been bullet journaling for a year now! (I started last September!) And I can say without a doubt, it’s the best thing I did to help me stay organized and productive. It wasn’t easy right away, but that’s what’s beautiful about this system—you adapt to whatever you need it to be. 


I also love lettering/calligraphy, but I’m really new at it. But, if you want me to write in cursive, I’m very good with English teacher font. 👍🏼😁


#planwithmechallenge and #rockyourhandwriting Hello!


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