Book Challenge: Back to School: First Day at Hogwarts

I can’t believe it’s September!! Ten bleeding hells! The summer went by so fast!.

This is for Back to School: First day at Hogwarts #livelaughbooksseptember. Isn’t this button fantastic! It was an exclusive item made for the August Owlcrate @owlcrate created by Taryn @taryndraws. Also, what would Hogwarts be without seeing our favorite potions master Snape! 💚 He came in in the January Owlcrate!


For #septemberfantasychallenge, The Mad Hatter’s Patronus, hmm, I think it would be a hummingbird—flighty and a bit of a busy body too!


This Jane Austen themed wand is from @wandwitchandwizard. 


Okay. So I told myself that I had to cut down on the challenges this month and I totally didn’t listen to myself. 😩 More to come soon! (But most likely late!) 😁


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