Book Challenge: August Haul

Here’s my August haul! I don’t normally post my hauls because I always forget something! In this case, some of my books had not come yet when I took the picture. Not shown here are A Torch in the Night and my Book Outlet haul! .

I’m thinking on my immediate TBR for September I’ll put The Cursed Child (still reading), Nevernight, P.S. I Love You, and Amulet Volume 1. (I do still have tons of other books on my immediate TBR.)


Do you guys have varying levels of TBR lists? What are they? Mine are READ NOW, READ SOON, and READ EVENTUALLY. Sad to say my READ EVENTUALLY TBR list is winning. 😨


My flash giveaway for washi tape is up! It closes at midnight PST. Hurry!! Check original post for details!


August Haul #livelaughbooksaugust #augustofpages #challengebookamajig 


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