Book Challenge: Favorite Know-it-all and House Pride

In honor of Percy Weasley: Favorite Know-it-all and House Pride, I bring you the Golden Trio by Susanne @susanne_draws. This was an exclusive print done for the August Owlcrate @owlcrate. .

As for favorite know-it-all, even though Percy was a very good know-it-all, my favorite is Hermione Granger! I admired her confidence in her intelligence and that she didn’t try to hide it! I loved that she’s loyal and compassionate too. 


Sherlock is from @wandwitchandwizard. 


My kids go back to school tomorrow. So many things to do! Also, I just finished Winter and between that and my kids first day, I’m all kinds of sad. Like, I need life to stop so I can take a minute, you know? 😔😭 



#augustfantasychallenge Favorite know-it-all #challengebookamajig House pride


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