IG Giveaway Announcement: @pretty.packages washi tape


As promised, here are the details of my next giveaway and this one is for my stationery addicts! 


I’ve had many compliments about the washi tape I use for my journals. One of my favorite places to get washi tape is @pretty.packages. Becca has a variety of designs and types of tape from fun to seasonal and thin to wide and washi to packing tape, Becca has it all! Her prices are reasonable and she works hard to get her orders out fast! 


I’ve teamed up with Becca to host this giveaway for some washi tape from her store @pretty.packages. There are 22 rolls of washi tape that will be given away! I will be hosting flash giveaways on Instagram for sets of 2-3 which means 8 flash giveaways planned. I’ll also be throwing in some stationery items from Target Dollar Spot and Daiso. If you’d like to see a sneak preview of the tapes that will be given away, I’ll be posting them on my Story today. 


Here are details about the flash giveaway:


Flash giveaways will be every Wednesday on Instagram until all rolls have been given away. Flash giveaway closes Wednesday at midnight PST. Winner announced between Friday/Saturday. Tuesday I will post a preview of which roll will be given away on Wednesday.


How to participate:


-You must follow me and @pretty.packages on Instagram. No giveaway or private accounts. I will check!

-US only (Becca does ship worldwide if you purchase from her store. Check her guidelines on international shipping.)

-You must have parent permission if under 18 to participate and permission to give your address to me if you win the giveaway.


This contest is not affiliated with Instagram. All washi tape for this contest was provided by Becca @pretty.packages. There will be no swapping out or changing prizes. By entering a flash giveaway, you are entering for that specific set being given away that day. All items are for personal use and not to be resold. 


Thank you Becca for being so generous! I hope you guys are excited! Make sure to check out my Story to see the washi tapes that will be part of this giveaway. First flash giveaway will be this Wednesday! 


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