AEITA Challenge: Helene and Elias: Frenemies 

The prompt is Helene and Elias: Friends to Enemies/Frenemies for #anembertorchchallenge and I’m really eager to see how things play out for Helene and Elias in Torch. Best friends turned against each other? Normally I’d think there was a chance for reconciliation, but Helene is so dedicated to her role as Blood Shrike and also her vow to the Augurs that I don’t think she will stray from either of those responsibilities even for Elias!.

And another frenemies story that I’m really looking forward to is Midnight Star, the conclusion to The Young Elites trilogy by Marie Lu. If you haven’t read this series, now is the perfect time to catch up! Midnight Star comes out in October, so you’ve got plenty of time. Adelina is a villain and the main character. I’ve never rooted so much for a villain to succeed before and I want her to win! I feel conflicted about it because she’s really doing terrible things, but I’m like YEAH TAKE THAT YOU BUGGERS. (But except with more vehemence and swearing. Got to keep it PG here because I have kids who can read and often like to look over my shoulder when I’m typing.) 😂😁


You can also see my Y’all West Special Edition of The Young Elites on the first shelf in the right corner. Thank you to Penguin Teen @penguinteen for the copy!


What are some other frenemies stories I need to get into? (I prefer fantasy type rather than contemporary.) 


#torchstagram #sabaatahir #aeita #atitn #yafantasy 


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