AEITA Challenge: Trial 3 and 4

Thank you everyone for your kind comments about my previous #anembertorchchallenge post! I really enjoyed putting together these shots and it’s really nice to hear you guys are enjoying them! .

This is for the prompts Trial 3: Weapon of Choice and Trial 4: Memorable Sacrifice. My weapon of choice would be either batons or a sword or one baton in one hand and a sword in the other. They’re actually the weapons of my main character in my novel. 😁 For memorable sacrifice, I don’t want to say too much because of spoilers, but I’m going to say there was a moment in Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor that had a memorable sacrifice. I read it back in May and I’m still hurt about it. Not too badly because Laini Taylor made up for it in Dreams of Gods and Monsters, but I was really traumatized when it happened. 


For #livelaughbooksaugust, Anticipated releases, A Torch in the Night (obviously), Crooked Kingdom, Sacrifice, Tales of the Peculiar, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, A Midnight Star, Heartless, and The Sun Also a Star. I’m also excited for Strange the Dreamer, but it got moved back to March 2017. 😢 (I haven’t read TOG, so I can’t say Empire of Storms. 😅)


What’s your weapon of choice? I’m actually really interested in your answers!


#torchstagram # sabaatahir #aeita #atitn #yafantasy 


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